Iana Dankova

Iana Dankova

Finding and trusting your data with Matterbeam

Does your organization struggle with data sprawl? Do you have valuable information scattered across a myriad of different silos, tools, and personal computers? Are you dealing with duplicates or inconsistently named datasets that complicate the data management process? Or perhaps, your dilemma is having numerous different datasets with the same

Introducing stream joins in Matterbeam

In this short demo we showcase stream joins, our new feature that enables you to do stateful data transformations in Matterbeam. 📍Stream joins are often used in situations where data from one stream needs to be enriched with data from another stream, as well as for various other analytics use

Effortlessly navigating Matterbeam: Your first steps

Data integration tools are notoriously complex, and most organizations already have a substantial amount, so you're probably wondering... How long will it take to introduce this into my data stack and data operations workflows? TLDR - not long at all. Here’s why... No on-prem setup or software

Sneak peak at our Data Agility Platform

I'm thrilled to share with you an exclusive early access walkthrough of our Data Agility Platform. At the core of what we are doing and thinking about every day is how to rethink the outdated, one-size-fits-all data management systems that have long plagued businesses. Traditional data pipelines, rooted